Finished glass tile gallery


The finished glass tiles has become more popular than ceramic due to the reflective qualities of glass. They are just as durable as ceramic and are available in most colours which give you so much more choice to get a modern look.

Lighting Ridge 3

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Caprici Pool Tiles as seen on

Caprici Pearl pool tiles

Television show Australia’s best homes

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O16 Oro Designer Pool Tiles

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A052 Electric Blue 48mm Crystal Glass

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A58 Vetro Range Designer Range

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Light Blue Mix 

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WA11 Italian Designed Iridescent Pearl

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AO52 25mm

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AO52 48mm

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Royal Blue A051 48mm

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Oro Range O19

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Custom Made tcsf04  ceramic 

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Quartz Glass 20mm A063 

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Quartz Glass 20mm A62

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XB02 Pearl White Reflects a light blue outside

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