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Premium Quality Swimming Pool Tiles Delivered to your door


Contact us 24/7: Emails & Phone are promptly responded to :

Distribution Centre ph : 03 9337 4959
E-sales: 0419 187 458
Email: sales@directpooltiles.com

We have one of the largest ranges of pool tiles and can custom make tiles for your pool.

All types of pool tiles are available and custom orders can be made

WHY BUY FROM US : Exclusive agent for Italian Designed Caprici and Vogue tiles as well as other leading European Brands. We are a wholesaler direct which is why our prices are the best on the market.SEE OUR FULL RANGE ON CATALOGUES PAGE or video links below. Finished gallery has pictures of completed projects

Cheapest Pool Tile online seller Australia . Easy online service from ordering right through to delivery reliable service of pool tiles. Glass Tiles from $39+gst a square meter or 10ft sq

December special on Quartz Vetro Glass range 50% off retail price see all 70 colors of pool tiles on Quartz page or video link below .

We only sell swimming pool tiles imported from Europe and Asia specifically made for pool use.

 . This means no retail margins the elimination of these layers translates to the lowest prices for you. We also sell Italian leading designer brands of mosaic tiles.

about pool tiles

Direct Pool tiles is the CHEAPEST ONLINE SELLER and stock large variety from Designer to Ceramic tiles. We manage an extensive warehousing and logistics network, ensuring we can provide reliable and affordable delivery Australia wide and USA wide.

We do have a minimum order quantity for overseas orders and ship to most ports, please email us for details

This simple supply chain structure means we can deliver the most competitive prices Australia wide for any sized project. We are the cheapest Online Seller of Pool Tiles . We are happy to answer any question relating to your project.

Contact us via email : sales@directpooltiles.com for a free sample of pool tiles. We will beat any price on a similar quality swimming pool tiles so do not waste your time going to Tile Shops.

Our company goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible whilst maintaining the lowest possible price.

We deal on high volumes of pool tiles and low margins which means you get the best prices around significantly cheaper than retail stores. If you want the highest quality swimming pool tile, good old fashion customer service then shop with us.

Vogue glass tiles range from translucent to iridescent, opaque to crystal in many sizes.

If you want your swimming pool to stand out and have the luxury look, then you should consider crystal glass pool tiles and glass pool tiles. All our pool tiles are certified for submersible use and we sell to many commercial clients Australia wide.

We would be happy to assist you with free advice on your project such as recommendation on adhesives, grout additives and any other pool project related questions .

We are one of the largest sellers of high quality swimming pool tiles and mosaics suitable for bathrooms. Yes we ship world wide to pool builders and private buyers.

We can get most colors and sizes in both glass and ceramic finishes although we specialise in Crystal Glass and Glass Pool Tiles. We will beat any price on similar quality pool tiles all our pool tiles are suitable for salt water and chlorine pools.

Online retailer and wholesaler to many pool building companies worldwide.

Largest wholesaler of Glass Pool Tiles suitable for submersible use. Our pool tiles are specifically made for swimming pools and we use are strong mesh and special submersible glue.


The aesthetic appearance of tiles and their durability has made tiles the premium finish in pool lining however their high cost in the past has made them out of reach for many people until now. Our range has become the first choice for architects,designer and leading pool companies for both commercial and residential use. The Vogue tiles offer the highest level of craftsmanship and quality at a very affordable price.

If you are after a pool that sparkles like the ocean,opt for a surface of glass pool tiles. What is attractive about glass pool tiles is the versatility they come in many colours and sizes.The latest look in glass pool tile mosaics, the pool tiles are clear glass with a coloured glaze backing on each tile. The colour is at the back of the pool tiles giving a three dimensional effect. The crystal glass pool tile is smooth to touch, modern and elegant.

The latest trend in pools is the crystal glass range, the pool tiles are clear glass with a coloured glaze backing on each tile. The colour backing of the pool tiles provides a three dimensional effect unattainable by standard ceramic tiles.

The crystal glass pool tile is smooth to touch, modern and elegant. Our pool tiles are smooth and safe with no sharp edges.

Glass swimming pool tiles in recent years have become very popular for swimming pools and water features due to their durability over all other finishes. This trend towards the luxury look has made them more affordable.

Glass swimming pool tiles offers more variations in colour choices than traditional ceramic mosaic swimming pool tiles.

Commercial pools at hotels and resort in most cases use swimming pool tiles as the finish and we know provide you the opportunity to have the same luxury look at a fraction of the retail price.

We also supply commercial clients as well as retail clients and have Australia wide distribution network at your disposal.

About our Swimming Pool Tiles

Our tiles are suitable for bathroom, water features and outdoor use.

Range includes (sheets of 300×300) :

Ceramic Swimming Pool Tiles : 48mmx48mm

Crystal Glass Swimming Pool Tiles 25mmx25 and 48mmx48mm

Glass Swimming Pool Tiles 15mmx15mm and 20mmx20mm
We Custom made sizes and patterns and can supply dot system adhesive on ceramic tiles for larger orders

Not all tiles are made of the same quality which is why you must be informed if the swimming pool tiles you have selected are suitable for submersible water use.

Most internal pool tiles are mosaics glued to the backing mesh of 300×300 .The type and amount of adhesive used is critical to the longevity of your pool tile finish.

An inferior product when immersed in water will have the glue dissolve or lose its ability to stick and tiles will fall off. Also if the backing sheets and the adhesive cover too much of the back of the tile, the tilers adhesive will not have enough contact on the tile and the pool render, this will also lease to loose tiles falling off which is why our tiles are of superior quality.

All of our tiles have rounded edges which make them safe for pool use. Certain glass mosaics tiles are manufactured with sharp edges which does not make them safer for pool use.

Industry regulations state that at least 80% of the back of the tile should be exposed to the adhesive to ensure the tiles last and all our tiles conform to this standard.

Our most popular tile is the small 25mmx25mm and 48mmx48mm sizes complements the modern finishes. Sheet sizes are 300×300.

There are about 11 of these sheets that make up a square meter and they come boxes of 22 sheets that contain 1.98 square meters each weighing 17kg
We will not be beaten on price on swimming pool tiles so ask us for a no obligation quote. We deliver pool tiles Australia wide through our distribution network.

View our entire range online via video at youtube :

1. Crystal Glass range : Translucent Glass with colour backing

2. Caprici Italian Designer Premium Range Pool Tiles 20mm : Iridescent glass

3. Caprici Italian Designer xb xc Range Pool Tiles 20mm : Iridescent glass

4. Vogue Designer Series 15mm : Iridescent glass

5. Caprici Pearl Range Pool Tiles 20mm : Iridescent glass

SPECIAL UNTIL DEC 31st 50% off the Vogue Quartz Glass range 20m

6. Vogue Quartz Pool Tiles 20mm : Iridescent glass

7. Ceramic Range :  Porcelain

Alternatively download these PDF files

1. Crystal Glass Range :Translucent Glass with colour backing

2. Caprici Italian Designer Premium Range Pool Tiles 20mm :Iridescent Glass

3. Caprici Italian Desinger xb xc Range Pool Tiles 20mm :Iridescent glass

4. Vogue Designer Series 15mm :Iridescent glass

5. Pearl Italian Designer Series :Iridescent glass

6.Ceramic Range:Porcelain

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