Crystal Glass Tiles -Various Colors


“Glass tile works lots the identical manner optically, and it is able to consequently create a comparable emotional reaction.” That visible complexity regularly shifts relying at the attitude of the solar or different lighting fixtures supply and the intensity of the water. This offers the pool or spa an ever-converting look which, in turn, can offer constantly refreshed visible interest. “Because of the cloth’s bodily traits and the manner maximum glass tiles are synthetic, each piece is distinctive—lots the manner each piece of herbal stone is distinctive,” Knox says. “It’s the best synthetic cloth I can think about that has that sort of diffused variation.” How Much Does Glass Tile Cost? For swimming pools and spas, glass tile remains visible as a luxurious item, a reality that has clearly fueled its mass appeal. Prices rely upon the product and the complexity of the set up, however it’s common for glass tile to cost $seventy five to $a hundred or greater according to rectangular foot established. Because of the excessive fee tag, many swimming pool developers stay reluctant to even propose glass tile as a opportunity whilst speaking to customers. Others urge customers to take into account the broadest viable variety of alternatives, together with glass tile, earlier than creating a very last decision.
There are loads of glass tile providers withinside the U.S., Europe, and Asia presenting heaps of product alternatives. Such a aggressive marketplace approach a wealth of aesthetic alternatives from which house owners can select. “You don’t actually need to promote glass tile to a customer,” says Kate Wiseman, a panorama architect and layout director for Verdant Custom Outdoors. “I allow them to contact it and notice it, and that they locate their personal motives for appreciating the cloth.

All crystal tiles of various colors available in both 25mm and 48mm and we have a huge range of colours in blue, green, light blue and many others.
Here is a small collection of our range of crystal glass tiles :

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