Pearl Series



These tiles shimmer in the sunlight with changing luxury reflective qualities as the sunlight changes

A major benefit of  glass pool tiles over traditional ceramic swimming pool tiles is the reflective qualities of glass pool tiles as well as the fact that glass will not fade and reflects the light in way ceramics pool tiles cannot. 


When established properly, maximum sorts of glass tile constitute the maximum long lasting of all swimming pool and spa surfaces; they provide robust resistance to chemical corrosion and different sorts of damage. Compared to different indoors swimming pool and spa floor materials—inclusive of plaster, uncovered aggregate, or fiberglass finishes, which normally final everywhere from 5 to twenty-five years—glass tile surfaces can hold their look and floor integrity nearly indefinitely. Durability is a plus, however house owners are attracted to glass tile for its aesthetic fee greater than its utility. It may be utilized in conventional waterline programs, however many humans select glass because the number one indoors end. It additionally may be implemented to steps, benches, raised walls, or shallow lounging regions to create focal points. Glass tile can generate uniform shades or be combined to create diffused colorations that can’t be completed every other manner.


In a number of the maximum problematic examples, it’s deployed to create vibrant mosaic images. “Not best is glass tile elegant, it is able to mimic the mosaics located in swimming pools and reflecting ponds of Greece, Rome, and Turkey. It’s the most cloth we ought to create colour,” says David Tisherman, who makes use of glass tile appreciably in his pool designs. “For folks who need some thing clearly spectacular, glass tile is usually a massive a part of the equation. There’s not anything else adore it from a layout standpoint.” Sparkling Results Tisherman blends 3 or greater shades of tile to create custom colour mosaics in a lot of his pool designs. When regarded closely, the person tile’s shades are apparent, however whilst submerged in water and visible from even a brief distance, those in a different way coloured tiles combo visually to create an optical subject that generates an limitless form of colorations.

An important  consideration is the lighter the grout colour the more the vibrant colours of the Caprici Tiles will be highlighted,we always recommend an epoxy grout .

PEARL RANGE  POOL TILE Iridescent colour throughout with a highly reflective quality   20mm & 15mm

15mm suited to steam rooms, custom patterns and bathrooms


XB11  combined with the pearl white in feature walls provides a luxury look pool tile

Caprici Tiles Featured on Television Show Australia’s best homes 

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XB11  combined with the pearl white in feature walls provides a luxury look pool tile

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XBO2 PEARL WHITE refer to finish photo for overall look 20mm

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XB02 15mm

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Caprici Tiles  Finished Look outside reflect sky blue look at finished pool page for more photos

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Pearl Black combined with a feature wall pattern

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