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Glass Pool Tiles

The marriage of decorative tile and artifical our bodies of water is almost as antique as civilization itself. From the costly swimming pools and spas of historic Greek and Roman palaces to current masterpieces, complicated tile remedies have converted water capabilities into works of art. For all its lengthy history, the widespread use of tile in swimming swimming pools has remained an exceptional luxurious withinside the minds of many house owners. When the outside swimming pool have become a fixture withinside the American panorama all through the mid-twentieth century, using tile became relegated to easy waterline bands established to ease cleansing and save you cracking that takes place whilst plaster is uncovered to wet/dry transitions. Tile merchandise used for those easy programs have been surprisingly inexpensive, and for decades, swimming pool contractors and their customers confronted restricted picks amongst mundane ceramic tile product traces. But the ones days are gone, and glass tile has revolutionized the manner developers end swimming pools and spas. Elaborate designs, shimmering shades, and an intensive array of opportunities greet house owners hoping to show their tasks into jaw-losing achievements. Today, glass tile swimming pool designs are a famous request. Versatile Beauty As the call suggests, glass tiles are fabricated from silicate glass cloth, which producers use to create quite a few merchandise. Glass tiles are typically smaller than ceramic or stone alternativesnormally measuring rectangular inches or less—however the pint-sized tiles percent a punch, coming in a apparently limitless variety of shades, textures, and transparency. When established properly, maximum sorts of glass tile constitute the maximum long lasting of all swimming pool and spa surfaces; they provide robust resistance to chemical corrosion and different sorts of damage. Compared to different indoors swimming pool and spa floor materials—inclusive of plaster, uncovered aggregate, or fiberglass finishes, which normally final everywhere from 5 to twenty-five years—glass tile surfaces can hold their look and floor integrity nearly indefinitely. Durability is a plus, however house owners are attracted to glass tile for its aesthetic fee greater than its utility. It may be utilized in conventional waterline programs, however many humans select glass because the number one indoors end

As we are one of the largest wholesaler’s of glass pool tiles you w ill not find a cheaper price in the same quality glass pool tile.  These designer Caprici branded tiles are exclusively sold by Direct Pool Tiles.

Our distribution network ensures that all deliveries are very competitively priced no matter where you live.

Our goal is to help you achieve the luxury look you are after, we also custom make pattens and designs for unique features and patterns

View our entire range online via video at youtube :

1. Crystal Glass range :Translucent Glass with colour backing 

2. Caprici Italian Designer Premium Range Glass Tiles 20mm :Iridescent glass                 

3. Caprici Italian Designer xb xc Range Tiles 20mm :Iridescent glass                    

4. Vogue Designer Series 15mm :Iridescent glass                        

5. Caprici Pearl Range Tiles 20mm :Iridescent glass

SPECIAL UNTIL March 31st 30% off the Vogue Quartz Glass range 20m  

6. Vogue Quartz Pool Tiles 20mm :Iridescent glass

glass pool tiles


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