Quartz Vetro Glass Range

Quartz Vetro Glass Range 20m Iridescent Pool Tiles available in 70 colors 

OUR POOL GLASS COLLECTIONS ARE UNIQUE, AND OUR COLLECTION OF POOL GLASS TILES CAN TRANSFORM A REGULAR POOL INTO THE POOL OF YOUR DREAMS. OUR POOL TILE HAS ANTI-SLIP PROPERTIES AND HAS A BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE. Most people won’t know the difference between swimming pool tiles and, say, the subway tile backsplash in their kitchen, but they are fundamentally differrent. Pool tiles are meant to withstand chemicals and they do which is why they are a durable option with aesthetic appeal.

The majority of people will not be able to tell the difference between swimming pool tiles and, say, a subway tile backsplash in their kitchen, although the two are fundamentally different. The majority of the time, pool tiles are designed to survive chemically treated water, as well as temperature swings below freezing when pools are emptied for the winter. Swimming pool tiles are designed to withstand the elements.

For several years, glass tile has been one of the most popular trends in swimming pool design. With so many different types, shapes, colours, and textures to choose from, you’re bound to discover one that will transform your backyard sanctuary into a work of art. We frequently notice that our clients have a lot of questions before making a decision because there is such a big selection

Quartz Vetro Glass Range Style

The color and style options can seem endless. We recommend taking your time at the selection stage to do your research. Whichever style, size, or color you choose, remember to consider your personal style and the environment in which you are using it. If you like bold colors, glass tile can certainly provide you with many options. If you prefer a more monochromatic style, matching the tile size is important to the aesthetics.

You need to think about where you want the glass tiles in your pool or water place. Since the glass is smooth, it is not advisable to put it on the stairs. If you are going to put glass tiles in the hot tub, make sure there are no sharp edges. When you are sitting or leaning on this type of tile, grout can wear out and lead to cuts. Rub your hand over your face for a quick test.

Shades of Blue Pool Tiles Quartz Vetro Range


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Shades of Various  Colors Pool Tiles Quartz Vetro Range

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