As we are one of the largest wholesaler’s of glass pool tiles you w ill not find a cheaper price in the same quality glass pool tile.  These designer Caprici branded tiles are exclusively sold by Direct Pool Tiles.

Our distribution network ensures that all deliveries are very competitively priced no matter where you live.

Our goal is to help you achieve the luxury look you are after, we also custom make pattens and designs for unique features and patterns

View our entire range online via video at youtube :

1. Crystal Glass range :Translucent Glass with colour backing 

2. Caprici Italian Designer Premium Range Glass Tiles 20mm :Iridescent glass                 

3. Caprici Italian Designer xb xc Range Tiles 20mm :Iridescent glass                    

4. Vogue Designer Series 15mm :Iridescent glass                        

5. Caprici Pearl Range Tiles 20mm :Iridescent glass

SPECIAL UNTIL March 31st 30% off the Vogue Quartz Glass range 20m  

6. Vogue Quartz Pool Tiles 20mm :Iridescent glass